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Exclude and restore VXCharts files from Avast


1. Open the Avast user interface, go to Settings ▸ General ▸ Exclusions, and click browse to add VXChart's folder, typically it is C:\Program files (x86)\VXCharts\VXCharts\*.

2. Click OK to close the Settings window


3. Open the Avast user interface, go to Protection ▸ Antivirus, and click Virus Chest.

4. Locate VXCharts.exe and right click to select Restore and add to exclusions.

5. Click OK to add files to global exclusion.





exclude1.png exclude1.png
exclude2.png exclude2.png
restore1.png restore1.png
restore2.png restore2.png
restore3.png restore3.png
restore4.png restore4.png

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